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Matt Miller - Tuesday 10/4

October 04, 2022 07:00 PM

We’re so excited to announce that Matt Miller is going to take the stage at The Jump Tuesday, October 4th. We hope you’ll join us for dinner and drinks and DANCING! We promise you this is an artist you DO NOT want to miss! 

Although country musician Matt Miller moved from Oklahoma to Montana nearly 30 years ago in pursuit of the outdoor ventures the Northern Rockies have to offer, he ultimately found solace in the humble music scene in Bozeman. Following the silencing of live music during the pandemic, Miller is excited to share the creativity he found in isolation with local crowds. 

Miller found his way to music while learning the guitar at 13, and a few years later began experimenting with songwriting. His first attempts, Miller admitted, were “terrible,” but as he grew, so did his talent. By 2013, he was singing and playing guitar at open mic nights and small venues in Bozeman, and he hasn’t stopped since.